It is our duty to make sure you’re making an informed decision when purchasing our extensions. You may have seen it all over the website by now that what differentiate us is the way our extensions are sourced and the quality. Abbybayo hair is ethically sourced, unprocessed and, we prides ourself on clean beauty.

Asides from our extension possessing the above qualities, they have gone through proper quality control to ensure that each bundle is of the highest quality there is and, stays true to the promise we’ve made to our customers even though each batch is unique.

All our extensions will last you a minimum of ten years if properly cared for and looked after. We kindly ask our customer to treat their extensions like it grew on their own head. Also, our extensions are versatile and can be styled as desired, they require minimum effort on your part to keep them shinning and new.

Being clean beauty, you can be sure that our extensions are vegan and environment friendly. In fact, this was at the fore front of our mind during collection from our lovely donors and curation of the lovely styles.

It’s our pleasure to see your reviews, we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we did while sourcing them for you.

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