Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to our most common questions below.

How can I purchase the hair?

Our hair can be purchased on the website. Please bear in mind our hair is not mass -produced so every order is custom due to the rarity and genuine nature of our hair. In the event that any style is sold out when you want to purchase, please email us at so we can add you to the waiting list.

Is there a payment plan?

Our payment plan is 50% on booking, 25% one month from booking, 25% two months from booking. However, there is a 30USD instalment charge.

Does the hair shed?

Our hair is deep conditioned and properly combed before it is sent out to customers, the initial shedding applicable to weft hair only happens before the first wash. However, minimal shedding is inevitable.

What colours do they come in?

We have only two colours which are Natural black (Classic Satin) and Blonde (Classic Bold). The blonde is bleached by our Eastern European experts under optimal conditions.

What is the grade or ethnicity of the hair?

We refrain from demeaning our hair with ethnicity or grade profiling. Our quality is premium and organic.

Do you sell to retailers?

Due to the rarity of our hair we are unable to offer this service. Our website limits you to a 600g purchase only.

What makes abbybayo hair different

We are a small team of hair connoisseurs sourcing Organic and Ethical hair from all over the world mainly South East Asia ensuring a fair trade while we provide our clients with their money’s worth.

What is the starting price?

Our hair is priced starting from 100$ (100g). It then varies according to length and type.

How do I order?

Kindly purchase from our website, instagram shop or email for enquiries

Can the hair be washed?

Absolutely, our hair is organic and not laced with any form of silicone or chemicals.