Making your lashes last longer do require some care, a lash properly cared for will serve you well and can be used up to 25 consecutive times.

Here are some tips to make your lashes last longer:

Always return lashes back to tray after every use

Returning your lashes in the tray after use will help it stay in shape and last longer than you leaving it on your vanity table. Asides from retaining its shape, it will also keep it dust free. This is highly recommended

Remove glue after every wear

Glue should be removed with make up remover wipes or tweezers after every wear. If you are not a pro please stick to make up remover wipes as you may mistakenly cut off your lashes if you’re not careful.

Always tug on the lash strand when removing them

Use make up remover to remove your lashes, you don’t only lose your natural lashes when you forcefully remove them, it also affect the lash strands. Please ensure you do it properly.

I hope these tips helps.