There have been some myth surrounding hair extensions generally, in fact a lot of people would argue that their hair extensions originated from different countries which we can almost tell from how they are named. These hair comes in different flavours such as Peruvian, Cambodian, Malaysian etc. The names are endless and consumers would almost swear its the real deal. Unfortunately, it’s all a myth, these profiling have been coined by hair vendors to generate interest from consumers. It is indeed a marketing gimmick suppliers to cater to consumers undying want. Most of these hair extensions are sourced from china and styled to suit your demand.

Let’s get analytical for a minute, on the average, a kilogram of hair comes from roughly 10 -12 women with dense healthy hair which is around USD50 for every 100g. For a company to break even, they would buy one bundle for USD50, we all know people are not just in business to fulfil demands but also make profit or at least cover the company’s overhead. Which means, the main distributor will have to buy for 25USD to get a return on investment, as we can see with this simple analysis that it’s impossible to justify the prices the hair sold in the market. Since main distributors would have to buy the hair less than USD25/100g and hair collectors will need to buy hair from donors for less than USD20 at the worst-case scenario. I’m not sure anyone is willing to cut their hair which have taken years to grow and cared at such a ridiculous price.

Now, the question is where do the distributors get hair from?

This hair marketed and profiled in an irresistible manner are from the floors of salons, drains and corpses which are then laced with silicon coating and mixed with synthetics, fibres and animal hairs.  Also, closures and frontals cost around USD60 on the average. It takes around 4-5 days to make a closure and, frontals require a longer time. How do you think these companies account for labour cost if it takes so long and it’s real? It’s just impossible and it would be an unprofitable business overall. Even if there’s a chance that it may be true, there wouldn’t be a mass supply of the supposed “real virgin hair”.

Unfortunately, if you have been buying unethical, processed and unclean hair with great branding and price mark up. Your $200 “real, virgin premium hair” isn’t what it claims to be. 

In addition, most companies do not source their own hair as claimed, it is very expensive and requires a lot of resources to make it work. Regardless of the economies of scale, It is easier to buy hair from Chinese companies who use hair collectors who in turn source unethical hair. In fact one of the challenges we faced during our research for a supplier was actually getting to know the origin of the hair extensions, it was unfruitful as no one could point to the exact source.

The team in abbybayo have embarked on the journey of sourcing our extensions ethically to eliminate all the doubts surrounding the hair industry, get access to clean beauty while ensuring a fair trade. We have formed a relationship with our donors and we will only sell genuine hair. During the testing stage up until now the reviews have been great, we have a plethora of customers that have purchased our hair and one thing they agree on is the WOW factor our hair presents.